Madrona Energy
Oil Royalties

Oil and Gas Abbreviations

BBL: Barrel
BOPD: Barrels of Oil Per Day
BOPM: Barrels of Oil Per Month
BWPD: Barrels of Water Per Day
DO: Division Order
DR: Delay Rental
GWI: Gross Working Interest
JOA: Joint Operating Agreement
MCFPD: One Thousand Cubic Feet of Gas Per Day
MMCFD: One Million Cubic Feet of Gas Per Day
MI: Mineral Interest
NRI: Net Revenue Interest
NWI: Net Working Interest
OGML: Oil, Gas and Mineral Lease
ORRI: Overriding Royalty Interest
RI: Royalty Interest
SI: Shut In
SWDW: Salt Water Disposal Well
WI: Working Interests

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