Madrona Energy
Oil Royalties

We Buy Oil and Gas Royalties

Madrona Energy, Inc. is a family-owned oil and gas royalty acquisition and petroleum management company that buys oil and gas royalties and mineral royalty interests. We buy oil royalty and gas royalty interests from estates and individuals across the United States.

We are committed to making you a fair cash offer for all or a portion of your producing and non-producing oil and gas mineral, royalty or overriding royalty interests. If you are interested in selling your royalty interests, we make the process very quick and simple:

1. We evaluate your royalty property.
2. We make an offer based on our evaluation.
3. Upon acceptance, we quickly forward you an assignment along with a check.

In order to make an offer, we must determine the current value of your oil and gas royalties.  You can provide this information to us by faxing a recent revenue check stub to 832.530.4542 or completing either our fax or online form. Once we've received the information, we will quickly reply with an offer.

Request an offer for your oil and gas royalties today!